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Dear Collogues & Supporters of SEDA,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I welcome you to SEDA’s new website. Through this site you will find our vision, mission, core organizational programs, case studies and stories, relevant organizational documents and reports, and our overall plan to keep our promise to see the Ethiopian Central Rift Valley well protected and inhabited by dignified people having sustainable livelihoods. Moreover, you will be continuously updated in terms of key organizational and programmatic undertakings including the required support in resource mobilization and volunteer services of our organization with greater depth, aiming to increase food security and resilience of the local communities while supporting the adaptation and diversification of their livelihood strategies to environmental and socio-economic changes.

Since its inception in 1992, SEDA has had many successes and the various programs and projects we have implemented thus far have benefited grassroots communities (more than 500,000 households) in accessing better technologies (while implementing water for productive use), skills and income that has helped to improve their livelihoods, exercise their basic human rights and gain access to essential services. The environmental awareness, rehabilitation and conservation efforts have improved the natural resource base and biodiversity situation of our program area. This in turn has positively contributed towards the climate change adaption and mitigation efforts of the area.

SEDA envisions to see its target area with well protected environment inhabited by dignified people having sustainable livelihoods by designing and implementing life changing development programs and livelihood schemes that alleviate environmental degradation, climatic change risks and deepening poverty in collaboration with relevant stakeholders so as to ensure holistic sustainable development. In addition, SEDA has been a leading organization on Women Economic Empowerment to ensure gender equity across all its programmatic and organizational matters. Recently, SEDA has reviewed its program undertakings and aligned itself to focus on five key areas amongst which the first two thematic areas are taken as strategic and core program priorities: (1) Environmental Education, Conservation and Rehabilitation focused on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies, (2) Women Economic Empowerment, (3) Climate Smart Agriculture and Improved Livestock Management, (4) Marketing (Value-Chain) Development, and (5) Institutional Capacity Building programs in ensuring food security while contributing in a greater manner to the improvement of the state of the environment.

Despite SEDA’s countless achievements in the past 20 years, the poverty, degradation and vulnerability situation of the Ethiopian Central Rift Valley is far below the turning points to be fully addressed. The unabated population growth rate, competition for basic resources, and sluggish technological advancements and adaptation in key economic sectors, especially agriculture, continue to perpetuate the problems facing the Ethiopian Central Rift Valley–hence far surpassing our intervention efforts.

Moving forward, we plan to expand program outreach to additional vulnerable communities, enhance program synergy while working towards specialization on climate change adaptation and mitigation, and strengthen value chain based programming while mainstreaming gender, environment, nutrition and HIV/AIDS.

In closing, a very warm and extended thank you to the General Assembly, Board of Directors, dedicated staff and countless development partners and donors for their contribution, hard work and enduring commitment to SEDA and the great people of the Ethiopian Central Rift Valley.







Girma Dalu Roba
Executive Director